About Us

Alestra has a global perspective and we actively look for opportunities where our capital, experience and passion can build long-term value as we support the strategic and financial objectives of talented, entrepreneurial management teams.

We are flexible, decisive and discreet, and our collaborative approach forms a true partnership with our management teams. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on the long-term strategic development of our investments, in contrast to many private equity firms that normally have a much greater focus on short-term results and exit strategies.

We firmly believe that, apart from investing at a sensible price, the key to success for our investments is to support capable and committed management teams in building a sustainable business over time, without imposing a premature focus on exit strategies or related issues.

Our collaborative approach together with a focus on the long-term strategic development of our investments is a key distinguishing factor between Alestra and many other investment companies, which often have a greater focus on short term results and exit strategies. Our key focus is always on building long-term sustainable businesses, not on short-term dividends or exits.

Alestra supports its portfolio companies by providing growth capital, as well as strategic, operating and financial expertise. We also provide access to an extensive network through which our portfolio companies can access third party financing, recruit talent and get assistance with strategic transactions.